M11 – Juice apple harvest trailer – RPJ03 – towed


Harvester for cider apples on container


SOMAREF, located in Pomport, near Bergerac in the Dordogne, provides equipment for harvesting juice apples on containers.  This patented invention eliminates the contamination of processed batches by apples rotting on the floor, which leads to rapid degradation of the harvest, making it unsuitable for the post-harvest storage required for cider production.

Specializing in fruit harvesting for over 35 years, the company has developed an apple harvester based on the principles applied in the Ente plum and vine sectors. It is composed of two symmetrical trailers which move in zig-zags on either side of the row. Each trailer comprises a scaled ramp which ensures that the two receiving tables are properly sealed. The harvested apples are then removed, cleaned and transported via three successive conveyor belts to a 5.8 m3 hopper (capacity: 2´3 T of apples).  This hopper is equipped with a lifting chassis that allows the apples to be safely poured into a poly hopper box or hauling hopper thanks to a stabilizing device. As an option, the hopper can be fitted with 4 box pallets and a fall arrester attached to the distribution system to limit damage to fruit and optimize post-harvest ripening.

The fruit is made to fall using a semi-automatic clamp shaker with floating jaws and variable intensity that can be adjusted for trees of any age. The machine is easy to drive thanks to a camera which allows the driver to see the tree’s position in relation to the shaker from the cabin and to choose the right moment to activate the shaker. Handling is easier thanks to the steering axle. All functions are controlled hydraulically by 2 pumps, ensuring that the harvesters are completely autonomous.  The recommended minimum traction power is 75 hp – 4WD and the harvesters comply with traffic regulations.

In terms of performance, the manufacturer states that 80 to 90% of fruit can be harvested in a single journey, at a rate of 6 trees per min (planted at 2m apart), which allows for 3ha/day, depending on the crop and the site layout.  The fruit harvested remains extremely clean, regardless of the climatic conditions and the materials used, thus helping to preserve fragile produce.

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Christophe Mogno
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M11 – Juice apple harvest trailer – RPJ03 – towed