M08 – Inclined Plane Harvest Trailers – towed – R.P.I.


Ente plum harvester on container, bulk towed plum harvest trailer with inclined plane.

The advantage of this unit is that it includes: 1 machine equipped with a continuous clamp shaker, inclined plane and steering correction system, and 2 receiving machines that work in alternation to limit the number of stops required for unloading (the vibrating machine does not need to be emptied since it does not store product).

  • Emptied via detachable moving floor
  • Capacity: 2 tons of plums
  • Adjustable front stabilizing wheel
  • Hydraulic offset steering drawbar
  • Ergonomic operating handle
  • Hydraulically-operated scaled door panel
  • Flexible scales mounted on elastic support

Continuous clamp shakers

Appropriate size

  • Low harvest height
  • Tractor in the center of track
  • Easy maneuvering.

Shaking mode

  • Perfectly sealed even when in motion..
  • Excellent visibility

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M08 – Inclined Plane Harvest Trailers – towed – R.P.I.