M04 – Bulk double harvest trailer – Bulk, towed, non-stop – CEPPARO


Mirabelles, plums, apricots, peaches, apples, cherries, almonds, olives, etc.

Up to 7 trees can be harvested per minute.

The non-stop harvester makes harvesting simple and safe.

The non-stop harvester offers optimal maneuverability thanks to its steering axle with automatic realignment function.

Technical specifications

Vibrating machine with clamps and variable power through addition of mass (patented model).

  • Variable vibration time controlled from the operator’s cabin.
  • Automated by programmable logic controller.
  • Drawbar can be offset to keep tractor in line with row.
  • Hydraulic lifting rear axle.
  • Steering axle to reduce turning radius with automatic repositioning to the middle to facilitate steering along the row.
  • Front and rear safety bar with automatic release to avoid hitting trees.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic unit with 1 pump for automation and 1 pump for movement, conveyor belts and ventilation.
  • Container emptying by continuous conveyor belt.
  • Movement controlled by electric operators
  • Tractor power: 50 hp minimum
  • Harvesting speed: up to 7 trees per minute depending on plantation density.
  • Options :
    • High-power vibrating machine
    • Longitudinal emptying conveyor belt with ventilation for receiving products in bulk.

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M04 – Bulk double harvest trailer – Bulk, towed, non-stop – CEPPARO